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ALFRED is a high fermented blond, golden yellow beer, brewed with hop and malt from Belgian origin.

It has a light fruity aroma, a subtile malty taste and a pronounced hoppy character.

Served between 6° and 10° C the hop aromas are very well liberated.

ALFRED can be drunk to queuch your thirst, as a refreshing appetizer, to accompany your meals or as a digester.

Why Alfred

Our main goal with Alfred is to maintain the cultural and social heritage of the Anglo-Belge brewery and the entrepreneurial spirit of
its founder Alfred Versele and his successors Leon Versele, Georges Verhaeghe and Ignace Versele.



Industrial revolution

In 1891, during the industrial revolution, Alfred Versele together with his partner Ernest Martens, founded a brewery which was named Anglo-Belge from 1929 on. The collaboration with Ernest Martens ended in 1893.


Alfred Versele

Alfred Versele maried Julie Deruyttere and founded the brewery Versele –Deruyttere in Zulte.


Beverage Fair

Together with some faithful collaborators he continued the activities in the buildings of the existing distillery and laid the base of a brewery which growed out to one of the most important ones in Flanders with markets far over the belgian borders.

In 1913 they received the first price at the Beverage Fair in London with the Imperial Stout.


Liberty trucks

The purchase of 2 Liberty trucks allowed them to supply the beer on distant markets.


Kasteel te Lake

In 1920 Alfred acquired Kasteel te Lake in Zulte where he breed horses.


Leon Versele

Alfred died on 10/12/1929 at the age of 67 years. His son Leon succeeded him.


Georges Verhaeghe

When Leon died in 1938 at the age of only 38 years, Georges Verhaeghe, Mrs Leon Verseles brother, became director ad interim of the brewery.


Ignace Versele

In 1952 Leons son, Ignace, took over the direction of the brewery and transformed it in one of the largest flemisch breweries. In 1978 the brewery was taken over from Kronenbourg, belonging to the BSN group.


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